Paul walks in on you two twerking (Pref. 8)

Liam: You and Liam were hanging out backstage before a show one night and you decided to turn on some music. You put your iPod on shuffle and “Get Low” started playing. Being the twerksters you both are, you both shot up from the couch and began to twerk. You twerkd on tables, chairs, anything and everything. You came to a stop when you noticed the music stopped playing. “Umm, what is going on here?” Paul questioned in the doorway. “Erm..we were just twerking..I’m sorry..” You quietly said. “NO! DON’T YOU DARE BE SORRY GURL” Liam shouted. He walked up to Paul and said “You just hatin’ on the twerk because you cain’t WERK!” Liam walked back over to you, picked you up bridal style and skipped into another room so you could resume your twerk sesh.

Niall: You and your boyfriend Niall were outside of the arena one day just relaxing and enjoying eachothers company. In the distance, you heard Niall’s favorite twerkin’ song “Fresh Az I’m Iz” playing loudly. He grabbed your arm “(Y/N)….do you….hear that…” He struggled to ask. “Oh….oh I hear it”. You both looked at each other and jump highfived. The second you landed back on ground you furiously started twerking to the point you were completely oblivious to your surroundings. “Niall we nee-oh god not again…” Paul said as he walked in on your twerk sesh. Niall finally noticed his presence and said “Peace out, mother fricker” While grabbing your hand and twerking down the sidewalk.

Harry: You and your boyfriend Harry were chillin’ out  maxin’ and relaxin’ all cool backstage one day. Harry was on his laptop trying to figure out a song to listen to. “Ugh I’ll just put it on shuffle” He said giving up on trying to find a song. He clicked shuffle and you hear “Collipark Bubbasparxxx. BOOTY BOOTY BOOTY BOOTY ROCKIN EVER WHERE” And without hesitation you both jump up onto the couch and began to twerk. “WHAT THE HELL?! HARRY YOU HAVE TO BE OUT IN 5 MINUTES! “ You hear Paul shout. “YOU KNOW WHAT PAUL!?” Harry yelled, “MAYBE I DON’T WANNA SING ANYMORE. MAYBE I WANT TO START A TWERK TEAM WITH MY BITCHZ. I DON’T WANA WORK, I WANA WERK!” He screeched as he jumped of the couch and tore off his pants twerking into the clouds above.

Zayn: Because you were Zayn’s girlfriend, you were tagging along with him and the boys for their tour. You were on the tour bus when you looked at Zayn and said “I’m in the mood to twerk”.  His eyes widened and he quickly went to his iHome and turned on his and yours favorite twerking song “Yeah!” You began twerking on various objects on the bus, you even twerkd on each other!  Paul walked in but you didn’t notice until he clicked off the music. “Zayn you have an interview to get to!” Paul said. “MAN SCREW INTERVIEWS ITS ALL ABOUT THAT TWERK!” Zayn shouted as he tore his shirt off and dove out the window twerking into a puddle of leather jackets, glitter, and of course…sass.

Louis: Being Louis Tomlinson’s girlfriend, you were always traveling and seeing new places. One night, you were in the hotel room bored out of your mind. “Louisssss I’m boreeeedd” You whined. “I know how we can fix that” he said as a cheeky smile appeared on his face. He was leaning in to kiss you when he snapped his fingers and his favorite twerk song “Pretty Girl Rock” began to play. Louis walked out of the room and changed into a pair of VS yoga shorts and because to twerk his sass ass off. “Come you crazy bitch, join me!” He yelled to you. Of course you love to twerk! The music was so loud you didn’t even hear Paul come in. “HEY CAN YOU KEEP IT DO-“ He stopped after seeing the ungodly sight. He backed out, and scurried back into his hotel room and cried himself to sleep. 

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